bachmann guitars-portrait photo
Bachmann Guitars & Tonewood
Rudolf Bachmann

Bachmann-Guitars & Tonewood are a company from South Tyrol (Italy). They have been building guitars for many years with the finest handiwork. Where handicraft skills have not been replaced by calculable and commercial oriented computer-work, you will find Bachmann guitars have soul. made piece by piece, with great accuracy and always hand made, every single instrument guarantees the highest quality production and material as well as uniqueness. The individual production of each product makes it possible to address the individual needs of customers in sound and design. Thus, even the most unusual wishes and expectations can be realized.

It is always a pleasure to attend. It is a great place, the size of the show is perfect and only certain guitar makers are allowed to exhibit. To be there means to see many friends, have nice chats and see new things.