Bigfoot Guitars
Karan Singh

The dream is to give Indian musicians the opportunity to get their hands on world class hand crafted stringed instruments – locally. Bigfoot Guitars offers musicians a chance to experience some of the most unusual guitars in the world. Karan Singh (Founder and Luthier) believes in creating exceptional sounding instruments using tonewoods indigenous to India, where he lives. He has successfully been working with species like Tamarind, Jackfruit, Mango, Teak, Rain Tree, Indian White Cedar, Indian Ebony and Indian Laurel, apart from the regulars. Highly responsive guitars with exceptional sustain and dynamic range are what the focus is on.

Holy Grail is the best of the best! It is going to be an honour to put up my work next to living legends.
I hope that by showcasing unique guitars made with a lot of love and passion, I am able to put Indian luthiers on the world map.