claas guitars-portrait photo
Claas Guitars
Alexander Claas

Claas Guitars was founded in 2012 by Alexander Claas. Being a professional cabinet maker, he decided to turn his hobby into a career and now builds electric guitars and basses by hand in Germany. These are sold all over the world, from America to Japan.
In 2009 he developed his main model “Moby Dick”, which he enhances constantly.
Claas Guitars is now part of a new avant garde from guitar builders. He is trying to construct the electric guitar of the future, using new design concepts, materials and building techniques. Instruments, which combine exclusive woods with most modern engineering, are produced.

My name is Alexander Claas, I build very modern electric guitars and basses in Germany. I am trying to bring electric guitars into the 21st century!
I am always looking for new ideas, to make the instruments better in playability, sound and ergonomics.
The solution is called Moby Dick, which is a headless fanned fret single cut guitar, which has an ultra thin neck with long sustain, high tuning stability and a comfortable feeling to the human body.
I am very grateful to exhibit at the Holy Grail Guitar Show and show the people how guitars look today.

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