gitarrenatelier daniel stark-portrait photo
Daniel Stark Gitarrenatelier
Daniel Stark

In 2016, Daniel Stark celebrates 10 years as owner of his own workshop Gitarrenatelier Daniel Stark. During that time, he has honed his craft of creating custom-built classical and crossover guitars of exceptional quality. His purpose has been to create guitars which fulfill the unique requirements of the individual musician.
Daniel has built a reputation for the development of his own distinctive ‘double top’ construction, currently played by leading professionals. He is dedicated to traditional craftsmanship, but is always open to new concepts and collaborations with devoted musicians. The annual production is limited to about 12 exclusive instruments per year.

I am delighted to participate at the HGGS 2016 and showcase my unique handcrafted guitars. I look forward to inspiration, atmosphere and friends. Come and try one of my guitars. Together, we can build a Holy Grail just for You!