de wit guitars-portrait photo
De Wit Guitars
Gijs de Wit

For over 30 years Gijs de Wit has been designing and building top-class electric guitars and basses, and he was one of the first builders to use “chambered” semi-hollow bodies.
Driven by a constant urge to improve, de Wit began to realize that a chambered block of wood could never produce the true tone he was searching for, which resulted in the line of acoustic guitars he’s building today: flat top/steel string, archtop/jazz and classical.
Gijs de Wit worked with renowned Jazz player Jesse van Ruller on a thinline archtop travelling guitar, designed to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane.

I’m really happy at being invited to participate in the Holy Grail Guitar Show and look forward to meeting all of you!
I want to exhibit because I feel that we, European builders, should go for the American approach and build a steady community based on sharing our knowledge.