Deimel-portrait photo
Deimel Guitarworks
Frank Deimel & Kora Jünger

Deimel Guitarworks is an expert in uniting vintage design cues of well known classic electric guitars by exacting quality and adding contemporary features. Looking backwards never felt so futuristic as when playing a Deimel guitar.
Giving an unimpeachable tool to a musician but also mirroring his/her unique style is their absolute goal.
Frank Deimel has been building guitars since his early adolescence and started his professional business in 1998. Since 2007 the artist Kora Jünger expanded the companies profile with her particular expertise for design and visual approaches.
Customers are among others Lee Ranaldo, Tocotronic, Klaxons.

If you look for the most intimate atmosphere of talking guitars, come to the place where it happens in real: The Holy Grail Guitar Show.