dontcho ivanov luthier-portrait photo
Dontcho Ivanov luthier
Dontcho Ivanov

Dontcho Ivanov is a professional Montreal-based luthier and guitarist for the Balkan gypsy band, Soleil Tzigane. In his cozy home workshop, he builds primarily Classical, Flamenco, Steel string Parlor, Gypsy & Nylon Jazz guitars. They are handcrafted with meticulous precision and care from the finest quality wood.

Taking part in the Holy Grail Guitar Show is a great honor and an incredible opportunity to meet the international luthierie community and musicians from all over. I expect this experience to be a source of inspiration for new creations.

Copyright: Cindy Boyce (photo 1& 3), Grigor Kuzmanov (photo 2,4 & 5)