Elrick Bass Guitars
Robert Elrick

Founded in 1992, Elrick Bass Guitars, Ltd. began as a specialty manufacturer. Addressing what was, at that time, an under-serviced segment of the bass guitar market, Elrick exclusively produced thru-neck 6-string bass guitars, Since their broad market debut at the 1993 NAMM Summer Session, Elrick Bass Guitars has expanded its offerings to include instruments of many configurations and construction in an effort to meet evolving artist demands.

The Holy Grail Guitar show represents a unique opportunity in an ever crowded market to showcase instruments of superior craftsmanship.  While the evolution of the internet has made the world aware that countless woodworkers are constructing unique guitars, the Holy Grail Guitar Show highlights instruments created not by skilled woodworkers, but top luthiers, a distinction too often not easily distinguished by browsing websites.