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Giulio Negrini Guitars
Giulio Negrini

Giulio of Negrini Guitars is a modern guitar maker and player, his skills as a hard-rock guitarist have informed his efforts to improve the comfort and playability of the electric guitar. Understanding the needs of players, he designs smooth necks and fretboards. Giulio is focused on high-end, high quality guitars; multistrings, extended range, fanned fretting and hi-gloss finishes are common options in his models. Entirely made by his own hands in his workshop at the specific request of the customer, a wide selection of rare and high-grade tonewoods, premium hardware and his own handwound, guitar-by-guitar related pickups.

Honored to be part of the most exciting community of guitar makers, I look forward to be blasted once again from the outstanding atmosphere of the most inspiring Luthier’s Hall of Fame.