greyhound guitars-portrait photo
GreyHound Guitars
Salvador Soriano

GreyHound Guitars is the outcome of its founder’s quest in search of the best guitar for him. Having owned many well-known guitars on the market, none satisfied all the requirements: playability, sound, beauty and uniqueness.
Our philosophy is an open invitation to all musicians, pro and amateurs, to escape from me-too paths to new unexplored places to satisfy their deepest musical needs.
GHGuitars’ manufacturing methods are the result of a balanced mix between old-fashioned workmanship and the newest technology. Combine this with the nicest tonewoods, best hardware and electronic components available and you’ll have a unique instrument customized for you.

How many opportunities does a person get to meet some of Europe’s best guitar/bass makers in a single place?
Is it not great to be able to exchange views and learn from other professionals who happen to share the same passions you have?
Will you miss it? Well, not me!!!