hilko guitars-portrait photo
Hilko Guitars
Hilko Nackaerts

Hilko Nackaerts is a Belgium-based luthier. He trained in the early nineties at the International Luthier School Antwerp. After his studies Hilko toured the world as a guitar tech for; Simple Minds, Chris Rea, Nile Rodgers, etc. just to name a few. He established Hilko Guitars in 2004. Hilko has been building guitars for a variety of internationally renowned artists.
Every single Hilko Guitar is individually crafted one at the time, with the best tonewood/ hardware/ components he can find. He puts blood, sweat and tears into them, giving them Soul! No two loveguns are alike. Guitarmaking is a lifestyle not a job…

People often call me an artist, I just try to supply musicians with the best tool I can make for them.
Isn’t it great I get the opportunity to bring these tools to Berlin. Looking forward seeing you there…