jhg guitars-portrait photo
JHG Guitars
Hans Geerdink

Hans Geerdink founded JHG Guitars in 1992. Hans inherited the love for music and a keen eye for detail from his grandfather, Johan Grönefeld, a well known watchmaker by trade and enthusiast musician and performer in the small village of Oldenzaal.
JHG Guitars are mostly made to order, by hand, using both vintage and modern tools and technologies. Wherever the design allows, Hans tries to incorporate ecologically sustainable materials like local wood species and modern waterborne finishes.
His maverick designs are usually not far out of the box. To Hans a guitar should look, without a doubt, like a guitar.

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is a unique platform for displaying my work to a wider audience. Since the quality and uniqueness of my instruments – and also all the others at the Show – far exceeds that of the factory made instruments, I believe JHG Guitars should not be missed.