kopo-portrait photo
Fred Pons

Kopo always seeks to effectively combine design, sound, and comfort through his use of woods, metals, and composites to create solutions that are simultaneously acoustic and ergonomic. Motivated by a multi-disciplinary approach, Kopo has a passion for both research and artistic expression.
Since 1988, hundreds of instruments have come out of this workshop. There are many creations, some bestsellers, such as the Yalta, of which nearly fifty instruments have been produced so far. As many guitars as basses have been made, more and more acoustic models produced over the past few years, most of them with non tropical woods.

We dreamed up this show, 5 years ago in Montreal, conceptualized it in Vienna one year later, as the place where we would be proud to show the best guitars we can design and produce, The Holy Grail Guitar Show … now it does exist in Berlin !