le fay-portrait photo
Le Fay
Reiner & Meik Dobbratz

Brothers Reiner and Meik Dobbratz learnt woodwork “from scratch” from their father Siegfried. Reiner founded Le Fay in 1985, Meik joined Le Fay at the turn of the millenium. Together they are a perfect team, producing Le Fay basses with joy and passion.
Bridges, headpieces, pick-ups, pot knobs, electronics tray covers and finishes; apart from the strap pins, the headstock tuners and the fretwire, all the visible parts of Le Fay basses are made by Le Fay.

We have found that the HGGS offers the possibility to present our instruments in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Whenever we are invited to exhibit, it’s our ambition to enrich the show by presenting high quality basses and new innovations.
Reiner & Meik Dobbratz / Le Fay