od guitars-portrait photo
OD Guitars
Omer Deutsch

Omer Deutsch is an Industrial designer, luthier & founder of OD guitars. Aside from being a designer, Omer is also a guitar player who listens to and researches Progressive metal and new genres of metal nowadays. He was always fascinated by the geometric forms of nature; OD’s guitars represent Omer’s thoughts about those forms, from Nautilus to the golden ratio and fractal shapes.
Omer’s designs focus on modern 7,8 and 9 strings, extended range, multi scale and paying attention to the last tiny detail of each guitar. Everything he builds goes from his hands directly to the player’s fingers.

I’m a designer, I strive to break the conventional ways of guitars as we know them; I express my thoughts through inspirations from different and extraordinary worlds and creating something that has never seen before.

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