pmc guitars-portrait photo
PMC Guitars
Pierre-Marie Chateauneuf

PMC Guitars is run by Pierre-Marie Châteauneuf, who deals with custom handcrafted guitars, i.e. acoustic guitars, electric and bass guitars, as well as other string instruments like “Byblos”, winner of the Innovation Award 2010, which is a hybrid between oud (oriental lute) and guitar.
PMC is a member of the European Guitar Builders and the French Guitar Builders. He was selected to exhibit at the Montreal Guitar Show, and gained an award from Premier Guitar.
PMC is happy to celebrate its tenth birthday at the Holy Grail Guitar Show.

I was very happy to participate at the Montreal Guitar Show twice. See the luthiers of whole world, exchange our points of view and ideas for the guitar of the 21st century. The Holy Grail Guitar Show joins in this logic.