poljakoff gitarren-portrait photo
Poljakoff Gitarren
Jakob Poljakoff

Jakob Poljakoff is a luthier based in Berlin, Germany. Trained in England he specializes in building steel-string and nylon-string guitars.
His instruments are fully handcrafted with a building process based on traditional as well as modern methods. Jakob’s guitars come with a modest, almost minimalistic look. He puts a lot of effort in to each individual guitar. There is always a personal touch with small details to be found all over the instruments. The sound can be described as a combination of power and perfect clarity without being harsh in any situation.

For both the player and the maker the “Holy Grail Guitar Show” is just the right place in Europe to meet. It combines the acoustic as well as the electric spectrum of instrument making and offers a lot of opportunities to listen and to talk about guitars.

Copyright Photos: Matthias Oertel, Stefan Tuschy