tonfuchs guitars-portrait photo
Tonfuchs Guitars
Uwe Schölch

After ten years’ experience in professional guitar building and repairing, Uwe created the first prototype of the bulldog model in 2004, followed in January 2005 by the founding of Tonfuchs guitars. Since then, he worked to master his handcrafted, world class instruments beyond the mainstream. From beginning to end, each part is made by Uwe himself, without using CNC machines. Uwe uses the finest components in an artisanal tradition, and implements uncompromising designs that transform each instrument into a unique piece of art.
Tonfuchs, no conformity.

At the age of 14 I started playing bass. Soon after, I had the desire to build a bassguitar by myself. To create an instrument from a handful of materials and with some simple tools, fascinates me today, after 20 years of professional experience, more than ever.