tuli basses-portrait photo
TULI Basses
Aron Bach

The combination of technology and nature is at the core of what makes TULI basses special. Innovative electronics systems dressed in stunning varieties of arctic birch make up the player-focused platform developed by bassist and master craftsman Aron Bach. Finland is known for old-world wood industry and new-world technology. TULI, the Finnish word for fire, has melded these worlds together in a meticulously handcrafted instrument that displays the best of both. All of this toward providing an instrument whose aesthetics and playability bring out the best in the player by expanding expectations of what is technically possible.

A trade like ours is one of passion and dedication to a craft. Expression is central here, and I feel this is a language that is best when shared. The luthier community is made up of immense talent and character, and the Holy Grail show is its summit.

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