volt electrics-group photo_Ewout+Sander
Volt Electrics
Ewout Nijman & Sander de Gier

Two out of control guitar-fanatics, Ewout Nijman (designer) and Sander de Gier (guitarmaker), teamed up to start Volt Electrics, a new brand of electric guitars that discharge unforgiving amounts of rock ‘n roll potential. Starting with raw matter, we transform it into handbuilt art with shocking tone and attention to detail. While each guitar we craft is truly worthy of being the crown Joule in your collection, they were meant to be played, hard and loud. The Reverse is the first model that Volt Electrics offers. Don’t let yourself down, you múst try it. It’s electric.

The Holy Grail Show is a celebration of guitars by guitarmakers. Why would you not want to be there?