zerberus-guitars-portrait photo
Zerberus Guitars
Frank Scheucher

Holy molly – what a stupid idea! This is what Frank Scheucher thought when a customer called him asking for a guitar made of real stone. Frank started building guitars when he was 14 Years old. In 2002 – together with his wife – he founded Zerberus-Guitars. 2007 he got the crazy phone call that changed everything.
The strong resonating 5mm thick real stone tops of the gorgonized guitars offer an incredible and even sustain.
With a weight of only 3.4 Kilograms they are not heavy at all. A stupid idea? No way!

Building individual and unique guitars far away from the standards and mainstream, I think the Holy Grail Guitar Show is the perfect place to exhibit.
If you want to see unusual and innovative guitars that you won´t find on virtually every street corner, the Holy Grail is the right place.